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Commissions: OPEN

Commission slots





Ghost9801 , FallenAngelCam7 -

(If you're in here, I'll contact you when slots opens up)


How to commission ?

Send me a mail to , in this mail you will write:

1. The type of commissions you want following the categories below (number of characters, lines or colour, background,...).

2.The Character(s) you want (if you want Gym leader Sabrina for example, add from which generation).
   Use the english names, it's easier for me to find them if I don't know them. (even better, you can add a picture of the character you want)

3.The pose/context in which you want the character to be set. If you want a background, explain what kind of background (outside, gym, bar,...).

   Please be precise in this part, it will be easier for me to give you what you want that way.

Beware: Any mail different from this structure will be ignored !

This is only to make sure that I know what you want, it's your money after all.


Categories & Prices

-One Character lines: 8€
1Pl by Hypnolion

-One Character colour: 12€
1Pc by Hypnolion

-Additional Characters /character (lines and/or colour): +5€
2Pc by Hypnolion

-Custom Background: +8€
2PcB by Hypnolion

-Special scene (One or more characters interacting differently from just "standing"): 22€ (for One character, +5/add. Character)
Steal v Rock by Hypnolion

-If only One Character in colour, I can add a default background for free.
HLpkmTc5 by Hypnolion OR HLpkmT4 by Hypnolion
-For three characters or more I'll only ask more time.
-Special scenes only in colour.
-No background with line characters.
-Any character with details is counted as an additional character (meaning there will be the +5€)
-Any non detailed character is counted as part of the background (so no extra charges if custom background)


-Two colour characters with background = 25€ (12+5+8)

-A special scene with 4 characters = 37€ (22+5+5+5) and a lot of patience.

(sorry for non-euro users but this is easier for me)

-In this one, the guy is an extra character, the barmaid isn't.
Bill's HOOTHOOTERS by Hypnolion

If your commission respects the rules I wrote here (and below), I'll send you a mail for more precisions if needed folowed by a Paypal invoice with the price to pay.

I take payment in advance and will start working after having recieved the payment in full.

Refund (if needed) will only be possible before I start drawing. After I started, a partial renfund can be given depending on how far I am in the image (no refund for finished commissions).

If for any reason I cancel the commission, you will get a full refund.


Some Precisions


-When working on your commission, I'll show you the first sketch to make sure that what I'm doing is what you want. If modifications have to be done, thats the moment for you to tell me (Don't be shy, you pay for it, but be respectfull, I'm the one doing it).

-If something has to be completely redrawn I won't ask for more than time but if after redrawing I still have to redraw the piece completely I will have to charge 5€ (because sketching is still working, sorry).


-Like my name suggests, I do hypno-art. But like my name could be confused for, I don't do furry (I like drawing animals, even anthro but not in erotic ways. Sorry it's not my thing)

-I can draw Male/Female relations or Female/Female relations but no Male/Male. (It might sound sexist but I just like drawing boobs more than drawing dicks) Also, no futa.

Other themes I don't do are old people, children, death and/or mutilated poeple (decapitation and that stuff), scat and urination, ... Just try to keep it pretty.

-About themes I do, don't be afraid to ask. Also, it doesn't have to be pokemon themed (as long as you respect n°2 in the "how to commission" part).


-By commissioning me, you alow me to post the finished work on Hypnohub and Deviantart. I might do some excetions if discused before. I'll post the piece at least 24h hours after sending it to you (you payed for it, it's only fair that you're the first to enjoy it).

-If you'd like you may repost it on sites other than Hypnohub or Deviant art, but please tell me before you do.

-Reposted commissions must be linked and credited back to me (that way other poeple might enjoy commissions and I'll be able to continue doing it).

If you are ok with the termes, be my gest and let the commissioning begin. ^^


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art


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dragonbuster2 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hi first off great art 2nd do you accept usd as payment on PayPal? Out of curiosity? Was debating about getting a comision in future but wanted to see if usd was ok?
Hypnolion Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Hi and thanks ^^

I make my prizes in euros because it's easier for me.
Paypal does the convertion automatically so even if I ask euros, you don't need to have euros ^^

(You don't even need to think about it too much because I send invoices so you just have to pay in a few clics and to wait for your commission)
hypnofan147 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
wow you're stuff is great ^^ 
Hypnolion Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
hypnofan147 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
I hope more art comes soon ^^
Hypnolion Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
There is, and a couple projects ^^
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PlumpieBombshell Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
Hypnolion Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Hi !
PlumpieBombshell Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017
Do you take commissions or requests?
Hypnolion Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
I have a commission journal but it's momentarely closed. It will open again soon, just not right now. But you can already take a look to see what you want.
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